11 December 2019

Increased production efficiency thanks to the laser cutter

In the last few years we have invested heavily in our machinepark. One of the machines that is making our lives a lot easier is the laser cutter. In this blog you’ll read more about how we use this technology to produce wheel solutions more efficiently. 

What does the laser cutter do?

The laser cutter is used to cut forms out of metal that will later be incorporated into the end-product. A good example is creating parts for fixed and swivel castors, such as castors, bridges and plates.  With the help of a laserbeam, these parts can be cut from a steel sheet to any shape with incredible precision. The laserbeam is made from a very highly concentrated form of light which is emitted parallel to a minute surface area only a fraction of a millimeter wide. When the light beam hits the metal, the material is heated until it melts and evaporates. Laser is an acronym for "Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation."

Then and now

These parts were once made by pressing steel into a mould. This was incredibly labour intensive physical work that also created a lot of noise. The machine had to be re-calibrated to create items of differing dimensions, which cost a lot of time. Thanks to the laser cutter, we can now cut more than one part of the same thickness out of a single steel sheet. We can load steel with a maximum dimension of 3000x1500x20 into the machine. Using a nesting programme we are able to calculate the most efficient layout of parts, maximising material use and minimising waste as much as possible. This is better for the environment while also being better for staff health and safety, as without a steel press there is much less noise emission and less physical labour required.

Why is this machine such an asset?

This way of working enables us to process materials faster and create parts of the end product more efficiently. Thanks to our  specialised machines, the professional knowledge and processing power of our factory in Boxtel, we can offer more options, deliver faster and be more competitive in the market. Specials and custom-made wheel systems are our strengths and all these factors enable us to engineer and produce everything ourselves onsite.


Endless possibilities

The possibilities this machine creates are endless. If we can create it on the computer, we can cut it with the laser. For example, we have lasered a highly detailed world map out of a steel sheet. We dedicated this to our staff when we opened our new premises and it now decorates the office wall. The map also serves to demonstrate what our laser cutting machine is capable of. This automation has modernised work processes for our colleagues, has made production lighter, safer and therefore more fun.

Curious as to how we can use this machine to create a custom solution for you? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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