04 May 2017

Shorten your supply chain with our total solutions: from idea to wheel system

In the sectors in which we operate, it often happens that customers are looking for a wheel solution that does not yet exists. For example, machine factories and / or machine developers approach us with an idea for a new or optimized transport system. This changing customer demand is a trend that developed after our change in direction, from trading company to producing total supplier. Our customers used to come to us for advice on selecting the right wheel, now they approach us with technical challenges for developing complete wheel systems. "It doesn't exist yet, but can you make it?" is the question we hear daily. Our answer: "Of course we can!" 

Because we manage all these parts in the business chain, we can serve every customer in the chain: from designer to end user.

A suitable wheel for every environment

Our technicians talk to the inventor of the system to find out which environmental factors are of influence. For example, air humidity, load capacity, dimensions, temperature range and ergonomic factors for use. Once these conditions have been determined, our engineers will start designing a wheel solution. From scratch, or by adapting an existing wheel to the environmental conditions. 

Our work process in 5 phases

  1. We start with the research phase: we start a conversation with you and together we map your situation / idea.
  2. That brings us to the design phase. Our engineers invent a wheel solution based on the conditions set in the research phase.
  3. Followed by the development phase: we develop a prototype.
  4. After that we end up in the test phase. You test the prototype at your location. And if the test is successful, we will prepare the wheels for production. If not, we will of course adjust the wheel and you will receive a new prototype.
  5. Finally, we come to the production phase. As soon as the wheels are completely ready, they will be delivered to you. 

From production to distribution: short communication lines & quick realisation.

OEM companies and suppliers no longer need to search for possible producers of their design. They outsource the entire process to us: from inventing the wheel solution to producing and distributing the systems. 

Our core activities therefore consist of three parts: 

  1. Production: we engineer tailored wheel solutions (in large and small numbers).
  2. Trade: we distribute our products from our warehouse through global dealers.
  3. Import: if desired, we import materials needed, in both high-end and low-budget quality. 

Nothing is off limits for us

The production is based on orders, from large runs to tailored adjustments. Nothing is off limits for us. In our factory we work with injection molding and CNC machines to process raw materials, like steel and plastic, into beautiful wheels. We also vulcanize (natural) rubber on different types of cores. We do this both conventionally and through modern injection techniques. For polyurethane wheel solutions we work together with various (larger) foundries at home and abroad. In short: we can develop a suitable wheel for every system! 

DM Wheel Systems: your total supplier

In short: we are available for all your questions about wheels and we help everyone; from designer to end user! Please contact our R&D department for more information. You can reach us via telephone +31 75 615 88 36 or mail.

Our clients

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Certificates and affiliations

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ECMA, de Europese vereniging voor wielen en wielfabrikanten
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