23 April 2019

The checklist for a smooth production process

The food industry, agricultural sector, logistics ... in almost every industry automation plays a major role. Production processes are often more streamlined when a suitable machine is built. Building machines is often outsourced. Experts analyse, give advice and produce the right solution for you, often with the help of specialists from other disciplines. The customer who wants to automate his production process is asked for input, which is of course related to the desired solution.

Experience shows that in practice more factors play an important role for an efficient production and working process. We are happy to offer you the checklist with topics that are regularly overlooked. 

Check 1] How often does the machine have to be moved?

A machine must be maintained and cleaned regularly. These works are often carried out by hand. For both safety and efficiency, it can be useful to temporarily move the machine for this. It is important that you start with considering how often this should happen. The frequency of moving influences the construction of your machine and especially on the right wheel solution. Let’s assume that your machine only needs to be moved once a year for easy maintenance. In that case, the wheels must meet different requirements than when you move the machine daily. Problems like a flat side, that occur when a heavy machine has a wheel solution made of the wrong material, are often only noticed at the time of moving. When you think about these circumstances during development, you can prevent such a problem.

Check 2] Where will the machine be placed?

One machine does not yet mean that your entire production process is automated. You will always need employees for service, cleaning and maintenance. To ensure their work process runs smoothly and safely, the location of your machine is an important aspect! For example, is the machine placed in an oven, in a damp room or in an ESD or anti-static environment? Employees must also be able to move around your machine easily. It might therefore be convenient to place the machine somewhere in a corner or tightly between other machines. The machine must also be moved occasionally, so it's not efficient if other objects first must make way.


GDR Serie met verstelhendel 2.jpg Serie RVS SGDN Zwenkwielen met Plaatbevestiging 2.jpg

Check 3] Is it possible to connect the machine to another machine?

In order to continuously compete optimally with other companies, production processes are constantly being optimized. Basically, this means that a machine is never a stand-alone product. There is always a chance that the machine will be integrated with other systems. When such an opportunity arises, it is not pleasant when it turns out that coupling is impossible because the machine is not rightfully equipped. However, it is not always possible to make such assessments in advance. If an innovation can be made afterwards, then the wheels often offer the solution. With the right wheel solution, you can adjust the desired production systems.

[Read the case] ‘The wheel solution for movable and connecting production systems’

Check 4] Which laws are applicable within your sector?

Legal rules and regulations apply to each branch, but these are not the same for everyone. Within the food industry, for example, clear rules apply to hygiene. This means that production systems must remain clean, be made of materials that are allowed to come into contact with food and must therefore be splash proof. When you realize in advance what regulations you are dealing with, you can already respond to this. Your wheel specialist will ensure that all these specific requirements will be met.


Zwenkgaffel met Spindel 2.jpg Verstelbare zwenkwielen 2.jpg

Check 5] Does your machine have a suitable wheel solution?

Wheels are often not the first parts you think of when building your machine. Nevertheless, the right wheel solution has a major influence on the desired result! For example, ease of use, lifespan, silence, speed and much more are all important. When you use the knowledge of a wheel specialist in developing your machine, all your (production) wishes will be realized.

Are you curious to see which wheel solution contributes to your smooth production process? Use our wheel selector or contact us »

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