31 October 2017

The Triple Swivel: the most important wheel for theatres and stands.

Wheels for theatres and stands often are a "last minute"-case. At the last moment, it comes to mind that wheels still have to be placed under the stage elements. The following condition must be met: the wheels must be invisible for the public. This way the illusion is created that the stage element is really on stage and slowly "floats" out of sight. But, do such small wheels exist? And, most importantly, is it possible to shift the (heavy) stage element on small wheels smoothly when changing the stage elements? 

High time pressure and short delivery times required

Almost always, the time pressure for the delivery of the wheels is a challenge within this industry. The show is planned at a certain moment and before that time, the stage element must have the right wheels. No extra time is possible. 

Swivel wheels for theatres 

The Triple Swivel - out of the TRIS series - is the classic example of a high-quality swivel wheel for stage elements. These swivel wheels are mounted on a triangle-shaped plate. This means that the weight is evenly distributed over the plate and a high load capacity is possible. Thanks to the swivel wheels with three ball bearings, the stage element can not only be moved smoothly, but also enjoys minimal swivel and rolling resistance, which makes the changing of the stage elements always easy. In addition, the wheels virtually disappear under the stage elements thanks to a relatively short height. 

Triple Swivel.jpg

Short delivery times thanks to a wide range

Thanks to our large standard stock in swivel wheels, we make a fast delivery possible. But what if the right swivel wheel of the Triple Swivel is not in stock? That won't be a problem at all. We have sufficient machinery and wheel experts in house and are able to make (small) adjustments to the wheels quickly if necessary. Would you like to know more about the wheels for theatres and stands? Please contact us for the possibilities. 

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