07 December 2018

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Productivity, efficiency and innovation ... trending topics at all of our customers. The technical world is changing faster than ever. Thanks to the digitalisation and constantly improved techniques, companies can increasingly broaden their objectives. Great of course, but this fast-changing world has a downside: companies must constantly keep innovating in order to keep up with the competition.

Following trends

Nowadays, working with stand-alone, or monodisciplinary, systems is not good enough anymore. Integration is key. By linking the different systems, production processes become much more efficient, which increases productivity! Another trend we often see is that work becomes less stressful, so it becomes easier for the employees to work. This trend is not only based on humane reasons, but also on efficiency and productivity. A third trend that often occurs is making sure current optimized systems run even smoother. This trend is clearly linked to the overall need for constant optimization.

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The right solution for progress

Responding to these trends within your sector is essential in order to keep up with the competition or even being at the forefront. Which opportunities do you see? In which fields can you best innovate? How will you accomplish this? And, do you have in-house knowledge to make the right decisions in every field? 

As an expert in wheel solutions, we strongly believe in the power of cooperation! We believe in combining knowledge and expertise to create the perfect solution. Cooperation is also becoming a trend, because our engineers are more and more asked to work together with the developers of our customers to create the most complete solution!

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This is how we help you move forward!

Step 1: Analysis

Quality is what we stand for. What are the wheels meant for? How will the wheels be used? And under what conditions do the wheels have to perform? Following an extensive analysis, we discuss all possibilities with your engineers. Together we are the perfect team to find the optimal wheel solution.

Step 2: Drawing

After the analysis, we make drawings of the desired product. We use advanced programs to make these drawings as accurate and detailed as possible. 

Step 3: The complete construction

Of course, we want to produce the perfect wheel solution after the drawings are made. In order to deliver the best quality, we arrange this completely ourselves. From shafts to turned parts, from injection molded products to construction and assembly, as a total supplier we take care of the entire product!

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ECMA, de Europese vereniging voor wielen en wielfabrikanten
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