dmws-innovatie200.jpg DM Wheel Systems aim for quality. You must be able to use our products with confidence, so we always look at their intended application.
What will the wheels be used for?
How will you work with them? Under what circumstances do they need to perform? The answers to these questions determine our offerings and innovations.
In developing and producing our wheels and forks, we take a wide variety of influences into account, such as cold, moisture, heat, surface, speed and load. To ensure our products perform optimally, we work with different materials. We are always looking for further
improvements and relevant innovations.
dmws-lakstraat200.jpg DM Wheel Systems can provide a solution for your needs. Tell us your requirements in the field of
applicating carrying capacity, damping and durability and
we’ll deliver a fitting solution. We offer variations for low to high speeds, from small to large diameters, with a capacity up to 20,000 kg each, in every colour
possible. If your perfect match is not in stock, we can develop
it together with you, whether you need a minor adjustment or a completely new wheel design.
We work with short lines and flexible implementation.

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ECMA, de Europese vereniging voor wielen en wielfabrikanten
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