20 August 2019

New measuring table for even more quality and precision

“A 3-D measuring table that measures on the X, Y and Z axis ... with air conductors on each axis. With this table we can perform perfect samples and checks ... That is really great to work with!” Our Measurement engineer Jeroen van Alebeek is very clear about it ... he is happy with our new asset!

“The new measuring table is ideal for perfect samples and checks”, according to Jeroen van Alebeek, measurement engineer

“To build a beautiful and modern company means constantly innovating so that we can always offer our customers the best. That is what DM Wheel Systems is all about. Being part of that as employees is of course super cool, because we like to be part of this innovative culture. The new measuring table is a good example of this. Actually it is, together with our lathes, the flagship of the company. Being the man behind this table is extra nice!”

“DM Wheel Systems stands for continuous innovation. This new measuring table is a good example of this. It is a wonderful step forward”, according to Jeroen van Alebeek, measurement engineer

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“We used to work with hand tools such as dial indicators, sensing devices and screw gauges. The new measuring table really gives a new dimension to my activities. Together with two colleagues, I followed a 3-day course to master the measurement techniques and software of the measuring table. Now we enjoy working on measurements and assignments, we have mastered the technology and we learn new things every day!”

“Top quality makes this machine extra special!”, Jeroen van Alebeek, measurement engineer

“What makes the new measuring table so special? The machine is top quality and designed for exceptionally accurate measurements of small and medium-sized workpieces. This enables us to discover the smallest deviations on specified drawings, dimensions and tolerances extremely quickly. In this way the risk of a rejection by our customers decreases even further. In addition, we can provide products with a digital measurement report of all results. And ... a nice side effect ... the measuring table is designed for an ergonomic working posture".

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