25 October 2019

Containers Castors; our brand new Triple Swivel innovation!

During the last years we have realized numerous good wheel solutions in the field of (sea) containers. However, we never stop inventing and innovating as innovation runs through our veins. We identified a need in the international market and started working on fulfilling that need. The result? A Triple Swivel with even more manoeuvrability and even higher load capacity!

Containers Castors are the application for moving (sea) containers and ISO-containers. Heavy objects that are often used in, for example, repair shops, harbour areas, the waste industry and stand construction. What do these branches have in common? Need for manoeuvrability and load capacity. In addition, in most of these branches the containers are moved by people. Therefore, ease of use is also an important aspect for us!

Improved manoeuvrability and increased capacity

Our mission? To develop Containers Castors with improved manoeuvrability and higher load capacity. To achieve this result, we had to combine a number of systems. We were able to do this because of our experience, expertise and knowledge within several branches. The result? A Triple Swivel with a total load capacity of 12T (spread over 4 corners). In addition, our Triple Swivel is more manoeuvrable than the regular version, because three swivel forks are mounted on each corner with 2 wheels in each fork, so you never reach a ‘dead’ point when moving the containers.

Containerhoekensets DM Wheel Systems Test containerhoekensets DM Wheel Systems

A good cooperation

This innovation is a result of the power of cooperation! This makes us very proud. Together with our sales, engineering, production and purchase departments we have created a wonderful product. This product has been tested extensively! The company MJ. van Riel from Tilburg has delivered a (sea) container enabling us to do all tests regarding rolling resistance and load capacity calculations.

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The right products for our customers

Now that we have been able to add this solution to our product range, we have an even more extensive range for container relocation. In addition, our customers can also offer this system as a service item to their customers. For example, the rental of (sea) containers that are used as storage facility. The response from the market is overwhelming and only positive, which makes all parties involved extremely proud of the achieved end product.

Containerhoekensets Containerhoekensets drawning

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