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What is Vulkollan ?

Is there any difference between a Vulkollan® and a polyurethane tread?
Yes, Vulkollan® is a trade mark of Covestro AG. Only polyurethane . . . . read more 


Starting- and rolling resistance of wheels and castors.
(YouTube-film, source

When using roll containers, operators  can deal with considerable physical burdening. Roll containers with defects can lead to higher physical charges. Pushing and pulling due to too much resistance can lead to neck-, shoulder-, wrist- and back complaints. That is why, amongst others, wheels with low starting- and rolling resistance are very important. In the film you can see the difference between two types of wheels. In two dissimilar examples is shown how much force is required at pulling a container. With appropriate wheels, like DM Wheel Systems Arbo®wheels, less force is required for setting in motion, as well as keeping in constant motion of the roll container. The difference is obvious. A proper wheel selection can contribute to reduce physical burdening   . . . . see film

NB: The spoken word is in Dutch. 


The effect of the position of swivel castors.
(YouTube-film, source

Working with roll containers, the hardest work for the operator is to set in motion a container from a stationary position. Important is to take the measures that have a favourable influence to starting- and rolling resistance. One thing is to “push” instead of “pull”. Another is the position of the swivel castors. When the castors are positioned cross to the running direction, the required force for pushing or pulling a roll container is enhanced by about 25%. The first part in the film shows a container, with castors in the desired direction, quietly moved in constant motion. The associated diagram shows the required force.

In the second part the swivel castors are positioned cross to the running  direction. The images shows us, that more force is required here.   . . . . see film

NB: The spoken word is in Dutch.

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