Innovative Dutch co-engineering design

Innovative Dutch co-engineering design

Optimization of the warehouse

Healthy ventilation

During wonderful long summer evenings, We love to keep the doors and windows open for fresh cooling and healthy ventilation. We also like to keep the insects outdoors, because they do a good job there. The most environmentally conscious and animal-friendly way to do this is with the screens from Unilux B.V., without chemical pesticides. Also in this sector, DM Wheel Systems knows how to contribute to a  logistics solution.

Optimal use of available spaces

Unilux B.V., the largest screen manufacturer in the Benelux and our neighbor in Boxtel, was looking for a way to make optimal use of the available space of 15,000m². Innovation and improvement are a continuous process at Unilux. Raw materials that arrive in long lengths with a very high total weight are difficult for workers to handle. On the other hand, a large stock needed to be able to meet promised fast delivery times, especially during the high season.

Innovative Dutch co-engineering design

Wheel requirements

In order to achieve a targeted result, it is important that the wheels meet the following specific requirements

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Rail mounted
  • Fixed castors
Innovative Dutch co-engineering design
Innovative Dutch co-engineering design

Warehouse optimization 

A lack of space is a common, annoying fact in many workshops. In addition to Unilux B.V.’s space issue, the weight of the stock trolleys could amount to 7 tons. Due to the many carts, the load-bearing capacity of the concrete floor had to be taken into account. The idea was to let these carts, despite the weight, rolled into position so that they were accessible and stock could be picked. In this way the carts could be placed closer together, saving a lot of space. The challenge for DM Wheel Systems was to ensure that these carts could roll up and down safely on rails.

Specific question and answer

The choice of a cast iron track wheel mounted in a steel-welded fork, was a bull's eye solution for Unilix and its warehouse problem. The saying "better a good neighbor than a distant friend" certainly applies here. This highlights the fact that every problem, no matter how specific, has an appropriate answer. 

Do you also have a specific question or problem in logistics? Challenge us to a solution, we are happy to think along with you.


Unilux: Innovative design of Dutch manufacture

Unilux has been developing and producing insect screens in its own factory in the Netherlands since 1990. They control all processes, from product development to delivery and repair themselves. This offers the opportunity to always deliver the best quality customisation. Unilux products are exclusively traded under the Unilux brand name via the 1600 screen specialists and their webshop. Unilux turns a good piece of screen mesh into a user-friendly solution for application to keep your home free of insects. Comfortable to use, the very best of quality and unobtrusively present. A house free of pests offers you a lot of comfort in addition to an undisturbed night's sleep. Ventilation insect-free is an essential ingredient in a healthy living environment.

See their website for more information


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