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We’re all constantly looking for the ultimate holiday location, that ultimate holiday feeling. Design studio Arne Boon specialises in interactive products with the aim of creating a sense of wonder in people, the wow factor. A project to engineer an open roof system for dream villas in Soneva-Jani in the Maldives sounded like a match made in heaven!

Under the starry sky

This project was all about creating an experience: a roof that can open and close, allowing guests to enjoy the starry sky from a luxuriously comfortable dream villa. The challenge for DM Wheel Systems was to develop a durable solution that allowed the roof system to move up and down smoothly, silently and of course safely.


Wheel requirements

The project required a solution that responded to the following requirements:

  • Load capacity
  • Noiseless
  • Safe
  • Suitable for rails
  • Weather and sea water resistant



A special construction

In this specific project our customer, Studio Arne Boon, implemented the solution so that the design disciplines and engineering technologies could combined, resulting in a specialised construction. A stainless steel fork with one elongated leg was developed to house a cast nylon V-groove wheel with stainless steel ball bearings. Another wheel was mounted at the end of the extended leg.

Ultimate enjoyment

The roof of the villa runs on rails, hence the choice for a V-groove wheel. At the bottom of the rails, the wheel runs along as extra security system which also provides safety. Weather and seawater resistant materials were chosen specifically for this maritime application. 

Our core business is creating specialised solutions that responds to specific project and customer requirements. Through good contact and strict agreements with the client, the right engineering in combination can be designed. Our extensive, advanced machinery park allows us to manufacture everything in-house. These features were key to the success of this project located in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

More images?

Are you curious to see more? Check out video 1 or video 2 of this exotic project.

The delivered customization

    • Weather and sea water resistant

    • Features V-groove

    • Extra wheel for security and safety

  • Tailored wheel solutions

    Are you also looking for a tailored wheel solution for your product?Or are you looking for a reliable partner in your production chain that creates added value? We are looking forward to accepting this challenge.

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Studio Arne Boon is a Dutch industrial design studio specialising in interactive products. They combine creativity, design and technology disciplines to create innovative projects that inspire and trigger audiences. The projects that Studio Arne Boon realises are beautiful on the outside and smart on the inside. It’s a one-stop shop for interactive projects! Combining design disciplines and engineering technologies to not only shape projects, but actually build them.

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