Fast rollercoaster? Safe wheel solution!

Fast rollercoaster? Safe wheel solution!

From amusement park to fun fair

The thrill of a rollercoaster

A rollercoaster does not deserve that name if it doesn’t go fast. Visitors seek excitement and sensation. That means high speed, G-force, sudden standstills, loopings, water elements and so on. It's the same for every amusement park: a rollercoaster should give a thrill in order to attract visitors.

Safety first

A rollercoaster should not only be exciting, it's safety is essential. Therefore, the right wheel solution is a prerequisite. For many years we have been able to realize wheel solutions for various leading amusement parks and fun fair operators. As no attraction is the same, this will always be an interesting challenge.

Fast rollercoaster? Safe wheel solution!

Wheel requirements

Although every rollercoaster is different, some key success factors are applicable for every rollercoaster:

  • Resistant to high speed
  • Huge load capacity (including possible falling weight)
  • Water resistant
  • Noise reduction
  • Long lifespan
  • Safety!
Fast rollercoaster? Safe wheel solution!
Fast rollercoaster? Safe wheel solution!

Complete production

Not only do rollercoasters differ in loops, turns and speeds, they also differ in terms of construction. On what kind of surface does the attraction run? This can either be a tube, a rail or a flat plate. Made of steel or wood? All these elements determine the choice of the final wheel.

Before we come to the right wheel solution, we analyse the whole package. Then we develop the right wheel solution with our experience, know-how and technical knowledge. Besides the development of the wheel, we can also take care of the complete production. No challenge is too great for our machine park. We keep on developing until we have created the best safe wheel solution for that specific rollercoaster. 

Experience counts

We can build on years of experience. Producing our first wheel solution for rollercoasters was a huge project and steep learning curve for us. In the meantime, we have created a lot of wheel solutions for various rollercoasters, with great success. Result? We can use our previous experience in subsequent projects, inventing the right wheel solution for every rollercoaster, big or small. That's what makes us very proud!

The delivered customization

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