The wheel solution for flexible automatic storage systems

The wheel solution for flexible automatic storage systems

Cost-efficient warehouse automation

24/7 competitive in the market

What is the main challenge for large warehouses with a lot of logistic operations? The integration of an automatic logistic system that considers space, employee costs, speed and reliability. In addition, such a system needs to work at all times in order to compete 24/7 within the market.


iCUBE: the most flexible, modular and cost-efficient automatic storage system

Our client Logiqs has developed iCUBE as an innovative warehouse automation solution. This flexible, modular and cost-efficient automatic storage system enables the target group to arrange its warehouse operations as efficient as possible. This, of course, should be complemented by a suitable wheel solution! Logiqs chose to partner up with our company, specialising in the production of the perfect wheel for their system.

The wheel solution for flexible automatic storage systems

Wheel requirements

In order to develop the right wheel solution, we formulated the following success factors in collaboration with the engineers of Logiqs:

  • Long lifespan

  • Fast and flexible production

  • Resistant to many stop-and-go-movements

  • Considering speed

The wheel solution for flexible automatic storage systems
The wheel solution for flexible automatic storage systems

Tailored wheel solutions

As Logiqs develops the iCUBE-system for its customers on demand, the varying wheel solution should also be made on demand:


  • Drive wheels with and without bung holes
  • Various core halves in aluminium and steel
  • Varying treads
  • A special rubber compound
  • A polyurethane compound for heavier versions


Thanks to this diversity, we can offer the wheel solution that fits the stated wishes and requirements that the iCUBE needs to meet. We produce the cores of our wheel solution in house, quickly and made to order. The rubber compound we use, came out as the best option and we can vulcanise it quickly. The polyurethane version can be supplied easily, which ensures quick handling.


The power of cooperation

Because we could combine our knowledge and expertise with the knowledge of the engineers of Logiqs, we were able to deliver exactly what we were asked to. During our long-standing relationship with Logiqs, we know how to constantly enhance each other's. Together we keep on developing our ideas to obtain the optimal result. Therefore, we strongly believe in the power of innovative cooperation!

The delivered customization

    • Cores in house coated with rubber

    • Wear resistant

    • High load capacity

      • Futher developed core with bung holes

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