Shafts is a product group that is currently undergoing tremendous growth. The added value which we can offer as a total supplier of wheels and wheel systems is perceived as positive. We take care of our customers, so they can concentrate on their core business. Drive wheels and shafts are often integrated into one combination. Our added value is that we can take care of both, with the additional advantage that:

  • The risk of size differences is eliminated, reducing dropout (size differences are the risk of the supplier)
  • Both the shafts and the wheels are available at one single supplier and are also in stock at that supplier (fewer suppliers, less inventory costs)
  • A more cost-effective way of producing the shafts and wheels
  • Less total handling of the end product which contributes positively to the Lean & Green program

In short, the use of different materials and a large number of dimensions ensures that we can take over part of your supply chain with shafts (whether or not in combination with wheels), so that you can benefit from the price advantages and other advantages mentioned before while focusing on the core business of your own company.


The optimal result is what counts

because the end result is most important for your solution. However, we also value the process to get to this result. This creates creativity and flexibility between customer and supplier and this often guides the projects in a positive direction. We therefore would like to invite you to visit our office and factory, so we can determine very quickly whether we can realize your goals together or not.

Technische tekening

What does this process look like?

First, we listen carefully to and respond to the wishes and individual requirements of the customer.

We check the drawing made by the customer or our engineers make the design. Then a simulation of the shaft is made, so that we can determine how to make this product and how long the process will take in order to make a good estimation of price and delivery time. If everything is approved, we can always make one or more prototypes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We can measure all important dimensions and tolerances in our measuring room and include a measuring report, when needed.  This way we monitor the entire production process with interim measurements.

The fact that we combine multiple operations on one machine ensures that the shafts can be offered at competitive prices.

And we can see whether the customer-specific solution (as agreed upon) is actually realized in our factory.  

The right structure can also be made by combining various areas of. Besides the manufacturing of shafts, you can also think of combinations such as CNC turning / milling or CNC turning / welding (whether or not robotised). A few examples of materials we work with:

  • steel (different qualities)
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • plastics

Apart from the different materials, there are also other possibilities to make special shafts. Shafts with a threaded rod, wedge slots, welded gears on the shafts or a flattened surface on the shaft are just a few examples. Just ask the question, challenge us and find out what we can do for you.


Collaborating on the solution

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