Wheel axles is a product group with which we are experiencing enormous growth in demand. The use of different materials and an enormous amount of possible dimensions ensures that we can take over part of the supply chain from you with the production of axles (in combination with wheels) and take care of it. As a result you have; fewer suppliers, less rejection, less inventory, better logistics of materials, cost reduction of the total end product for your customers.

    Photo of various axles produced from various materials


    We have a measuring and technical drawing room so that we ensure that agreed tolerances are realized.

    Photo above the measuring department and below a technical drawing of an axle


    Various combinations of expertise can also be made; think of CNC turning / milling or CNC turning / welding (robotic). The combination of multiple operations on one machine ensures that we can offer the axles competitively. Materials that we work with are steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

    Photo below is lathe with Y-axis, takeover spindle and tube supply


    Besides the different materials there are also many possibilities to produce special types of axles. Think of shafts with threaded stem, wedge slots, welded gear wheels on the shaft, or a flattened surface on the shaft. Ask us about the various options and you will receive a quick answer.

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    Certificates and affiliations

    ECMA, de Europese vereniging voor wielen en wielfabrikanten
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