Series FS plain bearing, Swivel castors X20 (INOX) with plate fittingSeries FS plain bearing, Swivel castors X20 (INOX) with plate fitting

Series FS plain bearing, Swivel castors X20 (INOX) with plate fitting

Series FS plain bearing, Swivel castors X20 (INOX) with plate fitting
  • Series FS plain bearing, Swivel castors X20 (INOX) with plate fitting

Castor specifications
Pressed stainless steel-sheet castors, electrolytic polished, series X20, with dynamic forged connection.
High temperature castor not suitable for use with foot-brake.

Wheel specifications
- Wheel: high quality glass-fibre reinforced heat-resistant injection-moulded black thermoplastic.
- Temperature range: -40° C to +270° C

The shock resistant and non-marking wheel in combination with medium duty X20 castors result in a solid maintenance free wheel with fine rolling characteristics at light to medium loads.

For applications on smooth, clean floors without excessive peak-loads, where corrosion is not required and high temperatures prevail, an excellent wheel-castor combination without tread where no high requirements are made to operating comfort and noise level, however low rolling resistance is preferred.

Stainless steelStainless steelHigh temperatureHigh temperature

All available sizes

Wheel diameterTyre widthBore diameterOverall height swivel castorTop plate outer dimensionsBolt hole spacingFixing hole diameterOffsetFork widthLoad capacity 4 km/h Article number Datasheet Drawing Request
80 30 12 106 102x83 80x60 8 33 40 150 28102
100 30 12 128 102x83 80x60 8 37 40 150 28106
125 35 20 160 102x83 80x60 8 49 50 250 28109
125 35 20 160 135x110 105x80 10 49 50 250 28110
150 45 20 203 135x110 105x80 10 57 60 300 28114
200 50 20 240 135x110 105x80 10 59 60 370 28122
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Wheel diameter Wheel diameter
Tyre width Tyre width
Bore diameter Bore diameter
Overall height swivel castor Overall height swivel castor
Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions
Bolt hole spacing Bolt hole spacing
Fixing hole diameter Fixing hole diameter
Offset Offset
Fork width Fork width
Load capacity 4 km/h Load capacity 4 km/h

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