31 January 2019

There are several determining factors that are important to offer the right wheel solution

There are several determining factors that are important to offer the right wheel solution

Wheels are essential in many work and production processes. Without wheels the world would come to standstill. How much comfort a wheel offers, depends on a number of factors. If you start by think carefully about the conditions in which a wheel rotates and about the standards the wheel must meet, you can create real added value in your process. The most important conditions for a satisfied user. 

  • Surface

The surface is decisive for the type of wheel system. By adjusting the material of the wheels to the surface, a moving object can be moved smoothly and efficiently. In addition, materials suitable for the surface are essential for the lifespan, comfort and rolling resistance of the wheels.

  • Conditions

Environmental factors are important for the choice of materials. Where are the wheels used? A stable, a greenhouse or in a bakery. This factor must be taken onto account when choosing the wheels. For example, resistance to toxic gases (ammonia, hay or grasses) and resistant to moisture and heat (this combination is called hydraulise). Or resistant to high temperatures and rust. There are many circumstances that determine the choice of the material for a wheel, as this is just a tip of the iceberg.

  • Weight

The load capacity gives a lot of information about the material that must be chosen for the wheels. Weight and degree of use must be well matched. In case of an elastic tread and a high weight, but a lot of standstill, you're likely to get a flat side on the wheel. This is just one example, there are plenty more to think of.


The right choice of materials would be a right combination of the factors mentioned above. When the surface, conditions, weight and the desired effect of the application have been mapped, it is time to collect the right materials. After that, these are supplemented with extra possibilities. For example: to determine the right diameter and the shape of the wheel (for example, inclination in the tread). The build-in size, suitable as a running wheel or drive system of the wheel. After that, the wheels could be supplemented with a matching shaft or construction.

Wheels have a huge influence on achieving and improving the application, there is almost always room for improvement. We are looking forward to accept this challenge.  

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