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To consider the right selection on base of load, environmental influences, intensity of use and operating details is a hard job. That is why the experienced wheel experts of DM Wheel Systems are happy to be at your service with a free, not binding advice. Give us your demands and requirements, and you will get a concrete and above all, useful advice.      advies-dm-holland.jpg            
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Select the right wheel

A useful advice starts with proper information

Collect- before you contact us – as much information as possible concerning the situation in which, and the application for what, you like to use the wheel.

Even easier;  complete higher mentioned form and D&M Holland will take care that you have a workable advice within a few days.  Please invest some time in advance in a careful selection and this investment will effortless pay out later on. For the maximum output- not only concerning service life, but also security and reliability –you should consider the following points:

Calculate the load capacity
Use the following formula:
Load per wheel
Q = (Pu + Pa) : n
n = minimum number of wheels that touch the floor at any moment
Pu = useful load
Pa = weight of carrier/machine
Q = maximum required load on each wheel (theoretical)

We recommend adopting a safety margin, which ensures that the effective load never exceeds the theoretical load even in the event of overloads. Always select a wheel that minimal has the same- or rather – a higher load capacity.

Map the working conditions
Do you use the wheel:

  • In specific circumstances?
  • At higher, lower or changing temperatures?
  • At high humidity or uneven floor?
  • Use of chemicals or aggressive cleaning media?

In that case a special wheel can be necessary. You may contact one of our experts:  they know precisely what wheel is required in your working condition.

To establish the load capacity emanate from:

  • Ambient temperature between +15° and +28° C
  • Floor hard, compact and in good condition
  • Height of obstacles no greater than 5% of diameter for wheels with tread <90° Shore A
  • Height of obstacles no greater than 2.5% of diameter for wheels with tread >90° Shore A
  • Non-continuous manual movement

How often and at what speed the wheel is used?
The higher the usage and speed, the higher the demands. The load capacity determination of the wheels has been made on the basis of a maximum speed of 4 Km/h and manually propelled applications and that for each time a short period.

When it comes to continuous use, drive wheels or higher speed? Please contact one of our technical experts. With their experience they can always advice the correct wheel.

Do not forget: ergonomic
Next to load capacity, working conditions, usage and speed D&M Holland advice to consider the ergonomic aspects. Especially when your carrier/machine has to be moved manually. Select a wheel with the correct bearing, a tread in confirmation with the floor, a larger diameter and/or, for castors, a high worthy swivel head. In that way you prevent complaints and extra absence due to illness.

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