Agricultural Innovation

Agricultural Innovation

Good quality feed is vital

Innovating progressive working conditions

Consistently high quality cattle feed is of vital importance to the herd and the farmer. Despite the labour intensity of covering the trench silo, the job still needs to be done in order to maximise the quality of the feed. To automate this labour intensive process, DM Wheel Systems worked with their customer, Easy Silage, to co-engineer a covering system that is safer, faster and yet more cost-effective than the traditional system. Maintaining traditional techniques would mean relatively lower productivity and quality, also because the costs would increase for an inferior end product. We can’t have that! 

We thrive when work together with our customers on future-proof, smart and innovative solutions. We achieve this through a good combination of experience, engineering know-how and our extensive modern machine park with advanced manufacturing capacity. We always look for the right balance in the total cost of ownership. Remaining internationally competitive is the name of the game. We are independent and able to draw from on all the solutions available in the marketplace. If a solution doesn’t exist, we will make it ourselves.

Agricultural Innovation

Wheel requirements

Wheels used in the agricultural sector are often exposed to weather influences. These factors, combined with mostly heavy duty applications and the necessary stability, creates a series of requirements for the wheel systems to be fit for purpose:

  • High load capacity
  • Resistant to various weather influences
  • Stable due to machine balance
  • Easy to move
  • Low rolling resistance
Agricultural Innovation
Agricultural Innovation

The solution

We chose wheels with a steel rim and a solid rubber tire with ball bearings. This in combination with a steel-welded heavy-duty fork for the most robust solution. Heavy-duty polyurethane wheels in earlier versions were also used. This contributed an important quality aspect to the modern and innovative Easy Silage rolling system, and the covering technique. Now dragging the cover with the tractor, and placing sandbags and car tires is a thing of the past.

Constructive cooperation

Together with Easy Silage, we have contributed to modernising a typical Dutch farming activity. We want to thank the people at Easy Silage, particularly Peter Groenveld and Ruurd Siderius. We all worked well together to create a good solution for the challenges that lie ahead. You need at least two parties that complement each other. One with all experience from the market and one in the field of product specialization.


The delivered customization

    • Solid rubber

    • Very suitable for poor surfaces

    • Super elastic

    • Low rolling resistance

    • Very durable

    • Suitable for very heavy transport

  • Tailored wheel solutions

    Are you also looking for a tailored wheel solution for your product?Or are you looking for a reliable partner in your production chain that creates added value? We are looking forward to accepting this challenge.

    Ask for the possibilities

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Easy Silage BV is specialised in covering clamp silos. The Company is located at Dearsum in the centre of the province of Friesland, known as the dairy province of the Netherlands.
Many years of experience and product knowledge of our various partners in the field have created a product that can be customised to suit our customers’ needs.

Easy Silage cover systems are suitable for clamp silos up to 100 metres long and 25 metres wide. Easy operation is by way of a remote-control device. Since all farms are unique in the way they operate, the cover systems are made to measure. For further information, visit the website.

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