24/7 forage without a farmer

24/7 forage without a farmer

The perfect wheel solution for an AGV feeding system

Further development of automation in the agricultural sector

Automation is a well-known phenomenon within the agricultural sector. The AGV feeding system is a good example. In recent years, this system has taken over a lot of work of farmers. However, the development of the system is a continuous process. Our customer wanted to improve the quality of the wheels of the AGV feeding system by making the wheels more resistant to acids and by minimizing the risk of clogging. Together with our client, we have taken on this challenge. 

The answer to the question

Lely, an international family business in the agricultural sector, is dedicated to make a farmer's life more pleasant and more cost-effective. They offer countless possibilities for virtually all activities with innovative solutions and targeted service. Because they constantly keep on innovating their products, the following question quickly arose: "Help us improve the wheels of the AGV feeding system so that the farmer can benefit from an AGV feeding system that runs 24/7." After extensive consultation with engineers and buyers from Lely, we developed a first plan together with elaborate drawings and calculations. Finally, we collectively came to THE wheel solution, ensuring the AGV feeding system to operate 24/7.

24/7 forage without a farmer

Wheel requirements

In order to develop the right wheel solution, we formulated the following success factors:

  • Extra grip
  • Optimum damping
  • Long lifespan
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Resistant to acids
24/7 forage without a farmer
24/7 forage without a farmer

The perfect wheel solution

We have used various samples and developed these step by step. After extensive testing on the job, we came to a combination of two separate wheels and a double swivel wheel. 

The two separate wheels are made of thick polyurethane with a low shore hardness for increased damping, and added grooves to provide extra grip.  The wheels of the swivel castor are made of soft polyurethane offering a very low rolling resistance and with a glass fibre reinforced core. Thread guards on the wheels ensure a much better protection of the bearings. 
In addition, we adapted the swivel radius of the fork to fit the separate wheel. We used a smaller top plate due to the limited space inside the machine.

Investing in our customers

Not every problem has an immediate suitable solution. In this case, we initially opted for a solution close to the perfect one. Based on the results, we kept on developing in cooperation with Lely. We like to take on a challenge like this. To maintain their position as a global industry leader over a sustained period of time, a company must continuously develop, improve and stay at the forefront of new an emerging technology. Lely is such a pearl of the Dutch manufacturing industry. We do not hesitate to invest in our customers and will continue to do so until we have the right answer. Thanks to expertise, perseverance and good cooperation, we have created the most suitable wheel solution.

The delivered customization

    • Low rolling resistance

    • Extra protection

    • Adapted swivel radius and top plate

    • Increased demping

    • Extra grip

    • Increased demping

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