A rotating, multifunctional stand

A rotating, multifunctional stand

The noiseless wheel solution for the theatre world

Silent power

A lot of rotating stands are used in theatres. As not every production is the same, stands are adapted for good visibility and an optimal experience. Wheels are an important part of this. Or better said, the invisibility and inaudibility of the wheels are important features. How annoying would it be for an actor if he is distracted by the noise of a running wheel?


Safe and ‘invisible’

In order not to disturb the perception of both the spectators and the actors, a noiseless and strong wheel solution is extremely important. There is a possibility that the stand needs to be moved during the performance. In addition, a stand must be strong enough to support all spectators and the wheel solution must match the construction of the stand. For this unique assignment, we worked together with the engineers from Silicon Theatre Scenery STS. Together we have developed the ultimate invisible wheel solution.



Silicon Theatre Scenery B.V. (STS) was founded in 2001, initially together with Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties BV. Nowadays, STS is part of Bosman van Zaal and is a market leader worldwide, acting from the West End to Broadway. STS works for producers like Disney, Stage Entertainment, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Mackintosh and Robin de Levita. They have automated over 50 shows including Tarzan, The Lion King, Rocky, The Lord of the Rings, Mamma Mia, Soldaat van Oranje, and The Phantom of the Opera. Our installations have been implemented in theatres like Nationaal Danstheater (Scheveningen), DeLaMar Theater (Amsterdam), Bolshoi and MDM Theatres (Moscow) and Koninklijk Concertgebouw (Amsterdam).

A rotating, multifunctional stand

Wheel requirements

In order to develop the right wheel solution, we formulated the following success factors:


  • Noiseless

  • Slope angle on the tread

  • Large diameter

  • High load capacity

  • No flat sides when stationary

  • Sealed bearing space

A rotating, multifunctional stand
A rotating, multifunctional stand

Testing for the optimal wheel solution

We are certainly not daily asked to think about a noiseless and strong wheel solution. Therefore, we have worked together with the engineers of Silicon Theatre Scenery on this unique project. Together we developed a cast nylon wheel with a diameter of 700x200 mm. The steel core has a ball bearing with a bore of 80 mm in diameter.


During the first test, a sound tick was audible while turning the stand. Due to the rotational power of the stand, the wheels have to turn shortly into the opposite direction. We could easily solve this problem by removing the wheel and subsequently treating the steel core with sufficient oil.


The power of cooperation

Developing the optimal wheel solution is a combination of experience and expertise. We believe in continued development and cooperation. We always aim to develop the perfect product for our customer. Therefore, we have joined forces with the engineers of STS for this project. Because of our expertise in wheel solutions and their technical specialism in this specific industry, we were able to deliver a unique product.

The customization provided

    • Low rolling resistance

    • Complete sealed bearing space

    • Slope angle on the tread

    • High quality polyamide 6

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