Heavy-duty drive wheels for waste processing

Heavy-duty drive wheels for waste processing

A smooth waste stream without congestion

Did you know that we throw away around 16,000 kg of waste in the Netherlands per minute? That is 8 billion kilos per year! The environment is heavily burdened by the enormous flow of waste that we all produce every day. 

A better environment starts with ...

Waste recycling is an essential topic when we talk about storing and monitoring our raw materials. Of course, waste must be sorted and structured correctly for this purpose. Therefore, an efficient waste stream is very important. But how do we realize that with the current bulk loads of waste?

Efficient waste stream

Waste can be separated using a drum screen. The rotating drum provides a pre-sorting that separates the different sizes of waste. The waste will be further subdivided later. A tailor-made wheel solution is required to ensure that a drum screen runs optimally, which ensures the right speed without congestion. 

Heavy-duty drive wheels for waste processing

The advantages of one or more drum screening machines in the waste sorting process:

  • A smooth waste stream without congestion
  • The possibility of a large throughput
  • Limitation of noise pollution and dust formation
  • Throughput without mechanical dosing thanks to the angle of inclination and the rotating movement
Heavy-duty drive wheels for waste processing
Heavy-duty drive wheels for waste processing

Tailored wheel solution

So many companies, so much waste, so many wishes. After the development of the drum screen, the need for the right wheel solution arises. The diameter and weight of the drum screen, in combination with the maximum falling weight, the speed of rotation and the operating hours of the machine, represent the parameters for developing a wheel that contributes to the best result.

Our experienced specialists are there for you

The right materials are important to realize the customized wheel solution for your drum screen. A heavy-duty wheel with a steel-welded core and Vulkollan tread is essential. Given our years of experience in the field of heavy-duty applications and given our extensive machine park, we, together with our customers, are able to supply the suitable product. We realize the tailor-made wheel solution for your efficient waste stream!

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The delivered customization

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