Optimising your warehouse layout

Optimising your warehouse layout

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Does your warehouse still match your ambitions?

An efficiently running warehouse is crucial to effective business operations. Do you have enough people and resources to serve your customers well? Do your logistics processes offer you the space you need? In what areas can you improve or grow? Lalesse Logistic Solutions helps its customers with these constantly changing issues when developing and optimising warehouse layout and operations. With all the expertise and components available in-house, Lalesse offers complete warehouse automation, everything under one roof!

Challenges at height

Making optimal use of all available space and time is a recurring and challenging issue in modern warehousing. This is why the highest spaces are often well used. The extreme heights in combination with the required tolerances, especially in weight can present considerable challenges; a small difference at the bottom quickly becomes a large deviation at height.

Optimising your warehouse layout

Requirements of the wheel system

In order to arrive at a complete and optimal wheel system, it is important to meet specific requirements:

  • High load capacity
  • Tight tolerances
  • Moving on rails
  • Hardened Steel V Groove Wheel
  • Custom-made axle shrunk into the wheel core
Optimising your warehouse layout
Optimising your warehouse layout

Our engineers unburden you

Making a fitting crane is technically quite an art. When this crane also has to drive over a rail and move through bends, you have a hefty challenge. A perfect project for DM Wheel Systems and our engineers.

Our engineer was asked to develop a wheel system including an matching axle for a heavy warehouse crane. DM Wheel Systems complete solutions with this and thus relieves him to a large extent by taking the responsibility and ensuring that both components are perfectly matched to the existing system.

The right combination is the solution

For this project, our engineers selected a heavy steel V-groove wheel of Ø300 mm diameter with an oblique groove in the middle. The tread of the steel wheel is hardened and finished to the required specifications. The steel axle is made to perfectly fit the wheel and is tested for tight tolerances in order to guarantee stability at height. A customized solution like this requires time and patience from both parties, so a professional collaborative approach is essential. This, in combination with the right machines, drawings, skilled craftsmen and modern tools for precise measurement, are key ingredients for delivering a total solution.


The delivered customization

    • Hardened Steel V-Groove Wheel

    • Matching axle custom made

    • Vulkollan drive wheel

    • Steel core

    • Complete customised wheel system

  • Looking for a tailor-made wheel solution for your warehouse automation?

    We can also provide your warehouse automation with the perfect wheel solution, precisely tailored.

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Since starting out in 1970 as Lalesse Staalconstructies, Lalesse has grown into a complete supplier of warehouse systems. In 2002 the company became independent. Over the years many customers have been provided with a suitable warehouse solution. In 2017 Lalesse became part of Royal Reesink and they experienced enormous growth. This growth was mainly due to the growth of intralogistics, the acceleration of e-commerce and the "Industry 4.0". This in turn increased the demand for automated storage and warehousing systems. The Royal Reesink Group is responding to this demand with the Reesink Logistic Solutions division. 

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