The right wheel solution for smokeries

The right wheel solution for smokeries

Hygiene, health and high quality

Continuing the global differentiation

How does the Dutch food industry differentiate itself globally? Through hygiene and high quality! Therefore, it is essential that the ideal preparation method is achieved by using good material, and correct recipes.  It might be surprising that the right wheel solution is an important aspect in this.

Optimisation of the preparation process

The Netherlands counts around 21 large smokeries. Companies in this area of the food industry all face the same challenge: How can we protect the wheels we use against high temperatures for short periods of time? Due to these high temperatures, the wheels do not only have a shorter lifespan, but also drive more uncomfortable, wear out faster and therefore reduce the quality of the preparation process.

The right wheel solution for smokeries

Wheel requirements

In order to develop the right wheel solution, we formulated the following success factors:

  • Long lifespan
  • Resistant to short peak temperatures
  • High driving comfort
The right wheel solution for smokeries
The right wheel solution for smokeries

From drawing board to finished product

In order to meet these success factors, we developed a wheel solution with a soft polyurethane tread providing good damping, which results in a significant increase of the driving comfort. In addition, the fibreglass-coated core provides dimensional stability in temperature fluctuations. Thanks to the combination of raw materials, the wheels are better suited for the challenging factors that are encountered in the smokeries.

Constant optimisation

Meanwhile we have created many solutions for various smokeries. By performing tests at several different customers, we have been able to further optimise this product. We clearly see that this wheel solution lasts longer than when a different solution would have been chosen.

The delivered customization

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