The wheel solution that generates profit

The wheel solution that generates profit

Increased productivity for horticulture companies

Profit and vulnerability are closely related 

Automation is an important issue in the horticulture industry. Productivity is increased using Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and / or logistical solutions like a train. Unfortunately, there are a number of disadvantages associated with this automation step. Due to a high wheel resistance, the vehicles have a short lifespan. In addition, the battery runs out quickly. The result? Extra costs, standstill when the battery is empty, reduced production and therefore higher costs per product. 

Less rolling resistance, longer lifespan

Following detailed consultation we had a clear understanding of the problem: Help us develop a wheel with minimal rolling resistance. After extensive testing and further development, we found a complete solution that not only reduces the rolling resistance, but also increases the lifespan of the vehicles! 

The wheel solution that generates profit

Wheel requirements

In order to develop the right wheel solution, we formulated the following success factors:

  • Tread of special rubber compound
  • Double 2-RS ball bearings
  • Corrosion resistant core
  • Large diameter
The wheel solution that generates profit
The wheel solution that generates profit

The perfect wheel solution

We discovered that the Arbowiel, with a diameter of 200 mm, is a good alternative for the current wheels. To further enhance this wheel, we developed a compound that is extremely suitable for this environment. An Interesting side-effect? The competitive price!

The combination of the compound and the right wheels ensures that the rolling resistance is very low, which extends the lifespan of the vehicles. The wheels are resistant to high speeds, which leads to a non-stagnating speed of the vehicles. In addition, fewer replacements are needed, which significantly reduces costs. The corrosion resistant core and the large diameter make the wheels better suited to the conditions inside the greenhouses.

Make a global difference

Finding the right balance between materials making lifespan, rolling resistance, speed and price most cost-efficient makes the difference in the ability of a company to compete globally. As we have the ability to produce and test our wheel solutions, from the injection moulded core to the vulcanization of the tread, we can offer the quality the customer needs to make that difference. We are keen to invest in our customers and won't stop until we have reached our goal.

The delivered customization

    • Meets the highest ergonomic standards

    • Wear resistant and elastic

    • Core of high-quality polyamide 6

    • Wear resistant tread

    • Resistant to peak load

    • Shock-resistant and sound-absorbing

      • Wear resistant and long lifespan 

      • Suitable for bad surfaces

      • Reinforced sheet steel rim

    • Looking for a customized wheel solution for your horticulture company?

      We can also supply your horticulture company with the perfect wheel solution, precisely tailored to your needs.

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