Free Advice for Castors

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Their phone number: +31(0)75 615 88 36

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Free Advice for Castors

call us: +31(0)75 615 88 36

To consider the right selection based on load, environmental influences, intensity of use and operating details is a hard job. That is why the experienced wheelexperts of DM Wheel Systems are happy to be at your service with a free, not binding advice. Give us your demands and desires, and you will get a concrete and useful advice.

In what way is moved on?
In what way is the castor assembled?
What kind of blocking you wish?
How is the floor-quality?
Is the carriage subject to peak-loads?
What is the intensity of use?
What is the maximum overall height (mm)?
The acceptable rolling-resistance is:
Leaving marks on the floor:
Environments humidity is:
What demands are made to the noise-level?
Are extra hygienic requirements made?
Is the floor filthy by?
Do you clean the castors?
What is the highest temperature?
What is the lowest temperature?
Is the environment dusty?
Chemical resistant to:

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Certificates and affiliations

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ECMA, de Europese vereniging voor wielen en wielfabrikanten
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