Prevent physical strain in the waste industry

Prevent physical strain in the waste industry

Obtain user comfort with the right wheel solution

Reduce hard work

A lot of waste containers are used in the waste industry, and they have to be emptied regularly. This involves a considerable amount of manual work, as employees in the waste industry must move these containers themselves. This might not seem such a problem, until employees need to move dozens of waste containers a day. Therefore, using a waste container should be as convenient as possible.

Added convenience, longer lifespan

The right wheel selection contributes to the reduction of physical strain and is, in addition, essential for the lifespan of the waste containers. Waste containers are usually standing outside and are therefore subject to all weather conditions. The faster the wheel deteriorates, the harder it is to move the container. This increases the workload for employees even further, and it leads to higher maintenance costs and injury risks. As a lot of companies are not aware of the added value of the right wheel solution, they often opt for the cheapest one. This might seem logical, but is it the right choice? We developed the wheel solution that not only reduces physical strain, but also extends the lifespan of the wheels!

Prevent physical strain in the waste industry

Wheel requirements

In order to develop the right wheel solution, we formulated the following success factors:

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Low starting resistance
  • High elasticity
  • Right brake mechanism
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Optimal resistance to all weather conditions


Prevent physical strain in the waste industry
Prevent physical strain in the waste industry

The wheel solution that offers relief

We use a swivel castor that consists of a swivel fork of which the ball raceway is fitted with a sealing ring. The ball raceway is also supported by a sealing ring at the bottom and these offer protection  bearings against all weather influences. For added protection against the elements, the double quality bearings and ball bearings are fitted with protective bearing caps.
In addition, the wheel has a unique, especially developed rubber compound that increases user comfort through elasticity, damping and rolling resistance. The swivel fork has a double-action brake which is also comfortable to use. 

Best tested

Following years of testing, comparing and cooperating with various laboratories, we finally found the wheel solution of which the added value is also recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. We now only use these Arbowielen to increase the lifespan of waste containers and - also an important result - to make the work of employees considerably lighter!

Are you curious to see the benefits of the right wheel solution for employees? Watch the video made by the Arbo Unie on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to see for yourself.

The delivered customization

    • Wear resistant

    • Elastic tread

    • Very suitable for peak load

  • Looking for a tailor-made wheel solution for a waste container?

    We can also provide your waste containers with the perfect wheel solution, precisely tailored.

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